It has been the long time goal over the years at JJ Hayden to develop outdoor living areas.  As guests enter your property they should feel as though they are being taken on a journey, each turn or view change opens up another destination.  We use a continuously changing color pallet though the seasons, or we introduce a piece of sculpture or hardscape to draw the eye to different things.  But more than anything, we realize that in this ever-changing world we hope to develop relationships.  There are a large number of contractors in the Chicagoland area and to choose one can be a daunting task.  It is with great pride that we stand on our reputation as honest and forthright.  


We have spent years building this reputation and it is our goal that at the completion of your project we have done more than simply plant some trees in your yard.  Not only have we completed a project that you the homeowner, and us the contractor, are both excited about and proud of,  we have also developed a relationship in which you are comfortable asking us any questions, or even referring us to family and friends.


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Remodeling and Home Design